Friday, 24 August 2007

Day 16

We set off for the airport to finish our holiday!!!

You can see some more photos from our time in South Africa and Swaziland if you click this link :

Bye !!!

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Day 15

Today I got up and went for breakfast. After breakfast we set off for Mbabane, the capital city. When we arrived at the city we realised how small it was. It was even smaller than Chester!!

First we went to the mall to try and find a suitcase that could fit the wooden mask that dad had bought. On the way we stopped at a few shops to have a look. We also went to the city market but everything there we'd seen before, so we set off for lunch. On the way we stopped at the big market again to buy lots of gifts for other people and ourselves.

The restaurant we were going to was in Mlilwane Game Reserve, next to a waterhole. This waterhole was home to hippos that we could watch while having lunch. After lunch we set off and saw a huge crocodile on an island. When we got back we packed our bags and went for a swim. Then we went for tea, it was yummy. Finally we made our way back and went to bed.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Day 14

This morning I got up and made myself a cuppa, then I went to breakfast. After breakfast we set off straight away. We were heading for a cultural village but on the way we saw a market. The stalls must have gone on for at least 1/2 kilometre!! We had a quick look around before setting off to the cultural village.

When we arrived we were just in time for a cultural dance. It was absolutely fantastic!! (I even joined in with some dances!) From here we went to the village restaurant for lunch. After lunch we looked around the village for a while. A man took us on a tour with a group of pre-school children. He told us how to show respect and who lived in the different huts.

After our tour we set off to Mantenga Falls. The waterfall was beautiful and the river was the same river that ran past the cultural village. From here we drove to Mantenga Arts and Crafts. I bought a beautiful pair of earrings. There were also many other shops like the jewellers, handicrafts, gems and much more. Then we set off to a batik shop, but on the way we popped to a market to have a quick look around.

When we arrived at the batik shop we went for a peep, but I didn't buy anything. We only had a drink and a piece of cake at the tea room. As we walked around we saw a really weird lizard on the path. Next we popped to another batik shop and bought a bag before making our way back home.

When we got back Becky and I went to the pool and Becky pushed me in. I laughed my head off. After our swim we went back to the room and got ready for tea. Then we set off to the restaurant. We had a waitress called Eggie! After tea Becky went all weird and started saying things like "you can find chickens rolling around your garden". Finally we went back to the room and went to sleep.
Here is a video of a dance at the cultural village.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Day 13

First I got up, packed and went for breakfast. I had the usual. After breakfast we packed the car and set off. To be honest I had thought Becky would get us chucked out of Buhala but she had proved us wrong!
Today we were heading for Swaziland. Once again we had to have our passports stamped on the border. We arrived at Malolotja Game Reserve. Here we had a look at the visitor centre and went on a short walk to a viewpoint. For the first time in the holiday we saw some mist. We also saw zebra, deer and dassie. We were a bit naughty because we climbed on a rock which was home to some dassie.

Next we went for lunch to a restaurant called A Taste Of Africa. After lunch we set of to find where we were staying. It was a hotel called The Forester's Arms, it was very beautiful. When we found our room we unloaded the bags and Becky and I immediately went for a swim. The pool was absolutely freezing so I didn't last very long.

After our swim we unpacked, then went to the restaurant for tea. I had chicken and mango spring rolls. Yummy! Finally we headed back, I wrote my diary and went to sleep.

Monday, 20 August 2007

Day 12

Today I got up and got ready for breakfast. After breakfast we set off to find Mataffin Riding School. I was finally going to do horse riding. I was riding a horse called Emma, Becky was on Billy and dad was on Tiger. We rode next to to the Crocodile River, which is the same river Buhala looks over. The ride was fantastic and I didn't want to get off at the end.

When we did get off and leave we went to a place called Crockerfellas, which was a restaurant that looked over a lagoon with crocodiles in it. I finally got to try some crocodile. I thought it was very nice.

After lunch we went back to the hotel to relax for the evening. Becky and I went for a swim and then we got ready for tea. We had a roast dinner and jelly for dessert. We could also see hippos and a rhino across the river. Finally we wrote our diaries and went to sleep.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Day 11

Today I got up, got ready and went for breakfast. I had fresh fruit and a boiled egg. We had a bit of a sit down and looked at the views of the Crocodile River from the balcony before setting off. We were travelling to Swaziland for a day out. There were a few places where we had to stop on the border to have our passports stamped.

We arrived at Phophonyane Falls. Here we were shown around. There was a tea room and a craft shop. First we went on a walk around the mountain. The paths were very steep but it was great fun! the views were fabulous, especially when we had to cross the river from where we could see the waterfall.

After the walk we went to the tea room for lunch. I had the exotic stir fry chicken, it was delicious! Then we had a quick look in the craft shop before making our way back to the hotel. When we did get back Becky and I went for a swim then we got ready for tea. We had a huge dinner before settling down to sleep.

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Day 10

Today we had another early morning. We got up at 4:50am and got ready. Rob kindly gave us a lift. We were going hot air ballooning, but on the way we got a call saying it was cancelled because it was too windy so we went back to bed. I only went to sleep for about an hour, so at 6:30am I read my mag for a while.

At 8 o'clock dad and Becky both woke up and we went for breakfast. After breakfast we loaded the car, then went to say goodbye to everyone. John at the bar had even made us a glass each with our names engraved on them. When we had said bye we set off to end our stay at Timbavati Safari Lodge. We were really sad to leave because we had had a brilliant time. To get where we were staying we went through the Kruger park. We saw elephant, zebra and a few wildebeest.

When we arrived at Buhala Game Lodge it was extremely posh. Becky and I went for a swim before tea. The meal had a name too posh for me to remember. After tea we went back to our room. Unfortunately the battery on my phone died so I couldn't say good night to mum. I just wrote my diary and settled down to sleep.